Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future

Hey you, lefties out there! Did you know that being left-handed can actually pay off when it comes to scholarships? That’s right, there are scholarship opportunities targeted specifically at left-handed students.

As a left-handed student yourself, you have a unique advantage to tap into funding for your college education. While being left-handed is considered fairly common, with about 10% of the population being left-handed, there are still opportunities for you to benefit from what makes you unique.Several organizations offer left-handed scholarships each year to support left-handed students in their pursuit of higher education.

These scholarships recognize the challenges that left-handed students face in a world designed for right-handed people, like using scissors, can openers, and desks. The good news is you can get extra money for college just for being your left-handed self. Keep reading to find out more about the left-handed scholarships available and how you can apply to win free money for your future education. The future is in your hands – literally!

Can You Really Get a Scholarship for Being Left-Handed?

Left-Handed Scholarships
Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future 6

Can you really get a scholarship just for being left-handed? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Several organizations offer scholarships specifically for left-handed students.

The Left Handers Club

The Left Handers Club, based in the UK, offers an annual scholarship for left-handed university students. The award amount varies each year but is typically around $1,500. Applicants must submit an essay on the challenges and benefits of being left-handed.

The Lefty’s Scholarship

The Lefty’s Scholarship provides $2,500 to one left-handed student each year. To apply, you must be attending or planning to attend college or trade school. The application requires an essay describing how being left-handed has impacted your life.

While left-handed scholarships may seem like a novelty, they do help address the additional costs lefties often face, like replacing right-handed desks, scissors, and other supplies. The scholarships also raise awareness about the challenges left-handed people experience every day in a world designed for righties.

The availability of left-handed scholarships shows that organizations are recognizing and supporting left-handed students. So don’t be afraid to apply—you have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars in funding to potentially gain! Keep an eye out for application deadlines and get started on those essays. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially when you’re a lefty?

The Famous Beckley Scholarship for Left-Handers

The Famous Beckley Scholarship for Left-Handers is one of the most well-known left-handed scholarships. This annual $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a qualified left-handed high school senior in the U.S. planning to attend a four-year college or university.

To apply, you’ll need to meet the basic criteria: be left-handed, a U.S. citizen, and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. You’ll also need to write an essay describing how being left-handed has impacted your life. The essay should be creative and help the judges get a sense of your personality and spirit.

Application Tips

Here are some tips to give you an edge:

  1. Focus on unique experiences. Discuss challenges you’ve faced as a leftie or ways being left-handed has shaped your perspective.
  2. Show your passion. Let your enthusiasm and passion for your future goals shine through. Judges want to see you’ve thought about your future career or field of study.
  3. Follow the rules. Carefully review the application guidelines and adhere to the word count and formatting rules. Neatness and attention to detail count.
  4. Start early. Begin the application process at least 2 to 3 months before the deadline. This will allow you ample time to thoughtfully complete each component and review and revise your essay.
  5. Ask others to review. Have a teacher, parent, or school counselor review your essay and application. Getting input from others helps identify any areas that could be improved.

With some time and effort put into your application, you’ll maximize your chances of being awarded this generous scholarship for left-handed students. And that means more funding to make your college dreams a reality.

Academic Strengths of Left-Handed Students

Left-Handed Scholarships
Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future 7

As a left-handed student, you have a unique advantage in some academic areas. Studies show left-handed people often excel in:

Visual-spatial skills

Left-handed individuals typically have enhanced abilities in mentally manipulating 2D and 3D figures. This can be an asset in fields like engineering, architecture, art, and design. These strengths also lend themselves well to tasks like navigating maps, assembling furniture, and learning dance choreography.

Abstract thinking

Left-handed brains tend to be good at grasping abstract concepts and making unexpected associations between seemingly unrelated ideas. This kind of nonlinear thinking is ideal for careers like science, music, creative writing, and entrepreneurship. If you have a mind for envisioning innovative solutions and thinking “outside the box”, consider majors and careers that leverage these strengths.

Verbal skills

Some research points to left-handed people scoring higher on verbal ability tests, especially those involving rhyming and generating unusual associations between words. These talents can translate into success as an author, poet, journalist, psychologist or in other fields requiring strong communication skills.


Left-Handed Scholarships
Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future 8

Left-handed students often demonstrate enhanced problem-solving skills, due to their aptitude for divergent thinking. This means generating many possible solutions to open-ended problems, rather than a single “correct” answer. Majors and careers involving troubleshooting complex issues, diagnosing diseases or repairing mechanical equipment may be a great fit.

In summary, left-handed scholars have a lot to offer in both the arts and sciences. Play to your strengths, choose a field of study you’re passionate about, and make the most of your unique skills and talents. While handedness alone does not determine someone’s abilities or potential, understanding your natural aptitudes can help guide you to the most fulfilling path.

Other Left-Handed Scholarships to Apply For

As a left-handed student, you have access to several scholarship opportunities to help fund your college education. Here are a few other left-handed scholarships to consider applying for:

The Left Handers Club Scholarship

The Left Handers Club, based in the UK, offers a $1,500 scholarship each year for left-handed students attending college or university. Applicants must submit an essay on a given topic related to handedness. This scholarship is open to students worldwide.

The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship

The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship provides $1,000 each year for up to four years of study at an accredited U.S. college or university. Applicants must be left-handed high school seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference is given to students demonstrating leadership, community service, and financial need.

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation awards over $140,000 in scholarships each year, including several designated for left-handed students. Applicants must be Mensa members or the child of a Mensa member, with a minimum 3.0 GPA and enrolled in a degree program at an accredited U.S. college or university. Award amounts range from $500 to $2,000.

In addition to specialized left-handed scholarships, many colleges and private organizations offer general merit-based and need-based aid for which left-handed students may also qualify. Don’t forget to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form to determine your eligibility for federal grants, work-study, and student loans. With a variety of funding opportunities available, you can find the means to pay for your college education, regardless of your dominant hand.

Tips for Lefties Seeking College Scholarships

Left-Handed Scholarships
Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future 9

As a lefty, you have unique skills and talents that set you apart, so don’t be afraid to apply for left-handed scholarships. Here are some tips to help you in your search for funding your future.

Research Opportunities

Do some digging to find scholarships aimed specifically at left-handed students. Websites like Scholarships.com, FastWeb, and ScholarshipMonkey are great resources to explore. You can filter by “left-handed” or “handedness” to find opportunities like the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left-Handed Scholarship.

Emphasize Your Creativity

Left-handed people are often praised for their creativity, so apply for art, music, and writing scholarships. Your unique brain wiring gives you an edge in these areas. Mention your left-handedness in your application and essay to make you stand out.

Focus on Your Strengths

Think about skills and talents you excel in as a lefty, like spatial reasoning or athletic ability. Look for scholarships in areas that play to these strengths. For example, if you’re a star left-handed pitcher, apply for baseball scholarships. Your natural left-handed talent could make you an attractive candidate.

Don’t Forget General Scholarships

While left-handed specific scholarships are ideal, don’t limit yourself to those. You’re also eligible for general scholarships based on academics, community service, leadership, and other areas. Apply to as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of winning.

Ask Your School for Help

Talk to your school’s guidance counselor about left-handed scholarship and funding opportunities. They may know of additional resources to explore or be able to offer tailored advice based on your unique situation. Don’t hesitate to ask them for guidance in your scholarship search.

With determination and the right search strategy, you can win scholarships that fit perfectly for a lefty like yourself. Stay dedicated in your pursuit of higher education funding and keep applying—your future is worth the effort!

FAQs: Everything Left-Handed Students Need to Know About Scholarships:

Are there scholarships specifically for left-handed students?

Yes, there are scholarships available only for left-handed students. The Left-Handers Club awards several scholarships each year for left-handed students in the UK. In the US, the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship provides funding for left-handed students. Check with organizations that advocate for the left-handed community to find opportunities.

What other scholarships should left-handed students consider?

Left-Handed Scholarships
Left-Handed Scholarships: Funding Your Future 10

In addition to left-hand specific scholarships, left-handed students should apply for general scholarships based on academics, talents, interests, volunteer work, and more. Look for local community scholarships in your city or state. If you have excellent grades, apply for merit-based awards. If you play sports or an instrument, look for scholarships in those areas. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of scholarship. Apply widely to increase your chances.

How can left-handed students make their applications stand out?

To stand out in the scholarship application process, left-handed students should focus on their unique qualities and skills. Discuss challenges you have faced as a left-handed person and what you have learned from them. Explain how being left-handed has made you more adaptable or given you a different perspective. Emphasize your creativity and problem-solving abilities, as research shows left-handed people tend to excel in these areas. Let your passion for certain causes or subjects shine through.

What tips do you have for the scholarship essay?

For the scholarship essay, here are some tips:

-Focus on an experience that shaped you as a left-handed person. Discuss what you learned and how you grew from it.

-Highlight your individuality and what makes you uniquely you. Explain how being left-handed contributes to your identity and way of thinking.

-Use vivid examples and stories to illustrate your key points. Make it personal and compelling.

-Have others review and provide feedback on your essay. Get input from teachers, parents, and peers and incorporate their notes into your writing.

-Follow all instructions carefully. Pay attention to length, formatting, and content guidelines. Give the reviewers what they’re looking for.

-Be authentic in your writing. Let your true self shine through to give the reviewers a sense of who you really are.

What happens with left-over scholarship money?

Any unused funds typically go back to the scholarship provider. Some may redistribute the money to other applicants or use it for the next funding cycle. As a recipient, you are usually not entitled to any leftover amount. So make sure you use the full amount for authorized expenses like tuition, fees, room and board, books, and supplies.

What do scholarship givers look for?

Scholarship committees want to see strong applications from promising students. This means looking for attributes like solid grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, community service, leadership, overcoming adversity, and a clear career or study objective. The specifics depend on the particular scholarship, so carefully review the eligibility criteria and selection process. With many scholarships, demonstrating financial need is also important.

Can you pocket your scholarship money?

No, scholarship funds are restricted for authorized educational expenses only. Using the money for unauthorized purposes is considered fraud and can have serious consequences. The scholarship provider has the right to request receipts and expense reports to verify appropriate use of the funds. Some may even contact your school to confirm enrollment and check on your academic progress.

The key is using your scholarship responsibly and maintaining good standing with the provider. Keep records of how you spend the money in case of any questions. And be sure to follow all terms and conditions outlined in the scholarship offer letter to avoid penalties like having to repay the funds or jeopardizing future disbursements.


So there you have it, southpaws, a whole range of scholarship opportunities tailored just for you. While being left-handed is often seen as an inconvenience in a right-handed world, these scholarships turn that around and make your dominant hand work for you. With some time and effort put into the applications, you could find yourself the recipient of funding that helps make your college experience a little easier.

And who knows, it might just inspire you to keep pushing for more accessibility and inclusiveness for lefties everywhere once you’ve graduated. The world may be designed for righties, but there are people and organizations who want to support you being just the way you are. Take advantage of that support and apply for these left-handed scholarships today. Your future self with a college degree will thank you for it.

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