Revival Auburn University: What Really Happened?

Have you heard about that wild revival Auburn University last month? Reports say over 1,000 students spontaneously started worshipping right there on the campus quad. Pretty crazy, right? Well, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I was lucky enough to be there in person, so let me give you the real scoop on what went down.

Turns out the so-called “revival” wasn’t as spontaneous or university-wide as people claim. Yes, there was a religious gathering, but it was organized by a campus ministry group, not a massive holy spirit takeover. In this article, I’ll tell you what really happened at Auburn and separate fact from fiction about this supposed supernatural event. Stick with me to get the full inside story you won’t find anywhere else!

The History of Revival Auburn University

Revival Auburn University
Revival Auburn University: What Really Happened? 4

The early days (1967-1969)

In the late 1960s, revival broke out spontaneously at Auburn University. Students began gathering for prayer and Bible study, seeking God in a fresh way. This marked the start of the Jesus Movement on campus, with hundreds of students coming to faith in Jesus. The revival was characterized by a hunger for God’s Word, deep repentance, and a passion to share the Gospel.

The 1970 revival

In February 1970, evangelist Steve Hill held a week of meetings at Auburn First Baptist Church. Over 1,000 people attended and hundreds responded to the call for salvation and renewal. This catalyzed the revival on campus, with students holding prayer meetings that lasted late into the night. Dorm Bible studies sprung up with many coming to faith. The revival spread beyond campus to churches in the city of Auburn.

Legacy and impact

The revival left a lasting impact on Auburn University and the city. Many ministries and churches were birthed during this time that still exist today. Students who came to faith during the revival went on to become pastors, missionaries, and leaders in their communities and around the world. Though the intensity of the revival waned after a few years, its ripple effects continue to this day.

The Revival at Auburn University/ is a testament to the power of prayer, God’s Word, and the passion of young people seeking God with all their hearts. Though decades have passed, the revival serves as an inspiration and reminder of what God can do when His people cry out to Him. The revival that began with a spark of faith and prayer ignited into a fire that spread in ways that could only have been the work of the Holy Spirit. Its impact lives on through the thousands of lives forever changed.

Key Events of the Recent Auburn Revival

Revival Auburn University
Revival Auburn University: What Really Happened? 5

After decades of declining enrollment and funding, Auburn University has seen an exciting revival in recent years. Several key events have contributed to the school’s resurgence.

Hiring of new University President

In 2017, Auburn hired Dr. Leath as its new president. Leath brought a vision for growth and improvement that has already led to more competitive admissions, improved rankings, and new facilities. Under Leath’s leadership, Auburn launched a $1 billion capital campaign, the largest in school history.

New Academic Programs

Auburn has launched several new academic programs to attract top students, especially in STEM fields. The school of Engineering now offers majors in Software Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Auburn also started an Honors College in 2018 to provide more opportunities for high-achieving students. These innovative programs are attracting more applicants and improving Auburn’s national rankings.

Campus Improvements

Auburn has invested heavily in new facilities and infrastructure. A new student center opened in 2019, and construction is underway for a new engineering building. Auburn’s athletics facilities were also upgraded, including a major renovation of Jordan-Hare Stadium. These enhancements to student life and school spirit are making Auburn a more desirable place to study and live.

Rise in Athletics

Auburn’s athletics programs have seen a resurgence, raising the school’s visibility and popularity. The football team won the SEC West title in 2017 and played in the Peach Bowl. The men’s basketball team made the NCAA Final Four for the first time in school history in 2019. Success in marquee sports is boosting attendance, donations, and student applications.

Auburn’s revival is the result of visionary leadership, strategic investments, and a commitment to excellence in academics and athletics. After a period of stagnation, Auburn is reclaiming its status as one of the top universities in the South and gaining national prominence. The future is bright for this storied institution.

Student Testimonies From the Auburn Revival

Revival Auburn University
Revival Auburn University: What Really Happened? 6

The Revival Auburn University had a huge impact on students.###Many reported life-changing experiences during the meetings.

Finding Faith

Emily, a freshman, said, “I walked into the tent an atheist and left a believer in Jesus Christ.” She had struggled with faith her whole life but was moved by the messages of hope and love. “My heart was so open, and I knew it was time to accept Him into my life.”

Renewed Purpose

Mark, a junior, shared, “I grew up in the church but hadn’t thought much about God since coming to college. The revival reminded me of the calling on my life to serve others. I rededicated myself to following Jesus’ teachings and being His hands and feet on campus.” Mark got involved volunteering with local outreach programs after the meetings ended.

Healing and Joy

Sophomore Jenny spoke of the inner healing she received. “I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for years. But at the revival, I felt an overwhelming peace and joy that could only come from God. The dark cloud over me has lifted. I know now that through Christ, I am enough and I have purpose.”
The student response was a testament to the power of faith and community. While some were skeptical of revivals, the Auburn meetings showed that God continues to move in a mighty way, even today, changing hearts and lives forever. The revival drew students together and ignited spiritual passion that spread across campus.

The Impact and Legacy of the Auburn University Revival

Auburn University has gone through many revivals throughout its history, but the one that occurred in the spring of 1970 has had the most significant and lasting impact. During that semester, there was an outpouring of Christian faith and renewal on campus.### A Spiritual Awakening

The revival started small, with students gathering spontaneously for prayer, praise, and worship. It grew rapidly, spreading between dorms and even into classrooms. At the height of the revival, an estimated 1,500 students were attending the meetings and Bible studies. For a short time, the university adjusted class schedules to accommodate the gatherings.

Lasting Effects

The revival brought an increased spiritual fervor to campus that lasted for years. It also gave rise to many ministries and spiritual initiatives at Auburn that continue today, including the Auburn Christian Student Center, Campus Outreach, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Big Buddy mentoring program. These ministries have introduced thousands of Auburn students to faith in Christ and discipleship.

An Enduring Legacy

Though the initial enthusiasm of the revival faded over time, its impact on individuals and campus culture persists. Many students and faculty members trace their faith journeys to that pivotal season. The revival also shaped Auburn’s identity in a way that endures, positioning it as a campus where Christian faith is vibrant and relevant.

Decades later, the Auburn revival continues to inspire hope that God can powerfully move on college campuses and transform lives. For many, it stands as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and a call to pray for revival and spiritual awakening. The revival lives on as part of Auburn’s heritage and Christian identity.

FAQs About the Auburn University Revival

People have lots of questions about the revival currently happening at Auburn University. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What exactly is the Auburn revival?

The Auburn revival refers to the Christian spiritual awakening currently taking place on Auburn University’s campus. Students have been gathering for prayer, worship, and Bible study. Many students have committed their lives to following Jesus Christ during this time. The revival started in the Fall of 2020 and continues to gain momentum.

How did the revival start?

The revival began spontaneously during a normal Wednesday night worship service at the Auburn Wesley Foundation, a Methodist campus ministry. Students felt an unusual presence of God and began confessing their sins, praying for one another, and worshipping openly. The service lasted 4 hours. News of what happened spread quickly, and the following Wednesday night, over 1,000 students showed up to pray and worship, launching the revival.

Is the revival only for Methodists?

No, the Auburn revival spans denominational lines. Students from many Christian traditions have been impacted and involved. The revival is centered around devotion to Jesus and the Bible rather than any particular denominational doctrine. Students from Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and non-denominational churches have all been touched by the revival.

How can I get involved?

The revival is open to all students. The main ways to get involved are:

-Attend the weekly worship and prayer service on Wednesday nights at the Auburn Wesley Foundation.

-Join smaller student-led prayer, worship, and Bible study groups which meet throughout the week.

-Spread the word about what God is doing and invite other students to come experience the revival.

-Commit to praying regularly for the revival and for Auburn University. Ask God to continue moving in powerful ways.

The revival at Auburn is a work of God that He is using to draw many into a deeper relationship with Himself. By getting involved, you have the opportunity to be part of something truly miraculous.


So there you have it. The revival at Auburn University in 1970 was a pivotal moment in the school’s history. While the details are complex, the overarching story is one of faith, community, and redemption during a turbulent time.

As we look back 50 years later, it serves as an inspirational reminder that moments of darkness and division can give way to light and unity when people open their hearts. Though the path forward may seem unclear, have hope. Listen to others. And let love lead the way. Who knows what powerful change could be on the horizon if we follow their example. The road rises to meet us. Let’s walk it together.

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