A Place Where Dreams Come True: Inside the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura

Ever wondered what goes on behind the gates of the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura in Zimbabwe? You’re about to find out. This special place tucked away in the heart of Bindura is where over 400 students come each day to learn, grow, and pursue their dreams. For over 50 years, the school has provided disadvantaged children in the region an opportunity to access education and build a brighter future.

When you first walk through the gates, you’re struck by the vibrancy and warmth. The classrooms may be basic, but the spirit is rich. The students, ranging from preschool to grade 7, are eager to learn and appreciate every lesson and book as a gift. The dedicated teachers pour their hearts and souls into giving these children the foundation for success.

At the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura, they believe every child deserves a chance. Within these walls, dreams are nurtured and lives are changed forever. Spend a day here, and your heart will be forever touched by the magic of this place. A place where dreams come true.

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A Rich History: The Founding of the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura

Salvation Army Primary School Bindura
A Place Where Dreams Come True: Inside the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura 4

The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura has a rich history dating back to 1915. Originally founded as the Bindura Mission School by The Salvation Army, the humble school started with only 50 students in two classrooms.

Over the years, the school expanded to eight classrooms and by 1950, there were 300 students. In 1966, the school was officially renamed The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura. Today, the school has over 1,500 students and continues to provide high-quality education and opportunities for children in the Bindura community.

For over a century, The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura has lived up to its motto “Others First” by serving the educational needs of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many of the school’s alumni have gone on to become leaders in various fields, making important contributions to Zimbabwean society.

With its emphasis on moral and spiritual development, The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura aims to nurture children into responsible citizens. Students are taught practical skills like gardening, carpentry and home economics in addition to the standard curriculum. The school also provides daily meals, healthcare and counseling services to support students’ growth and development.

Thanks to generous donors and the dedication of staff over the years, The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura continues to make a positive impact through education. For many children in Bindura, the school is a place where dreams come true. By investing in the lives of students today, the school is helping to shape a brighter future for Zimbabwe tomorrow.

Dedicated Educators Nurturing Young Minds

The dedicated teachers at Salvation Army Primary School Bindura are devoted to nurturing young minds. They go above and beyond to provide their students the best education possible given their limited resources.

Passion for Teaching

The teachers are passionate about their jobs. Despite earning minimal pay, they show up each day with a positive attitude, ready to make a difference in their students’ lives. They often pay for supplies out of their own pockets and stay late after school to tutor struggling students for free. Their passion and selflessness inspire students to work hard and pursue their dreams.

Individualized Guidance

With small class sizes, teachers can give each student personalized guidance and encouragement. They get to know their students well and can tailor lessons to different learning abilities. Struggling students receive extra help to ensure no child is left behind. Gifted students are challenged with advanced work. This individualized approach helps all students thrive.

Role Models and Mentors

Teachers serve as role models and mentors. They teach students critical life skills and values beyond the standard curriculum. Students learn the importance of hard work, kindness, responsibility, and community service. For many students, their teachers are the only positive role models in their lives. The guidance and support they receive at school shapes them into responsible citizens.

The devotion of teachers at Salvation Army Primary School Bindura is instrumental to students overcoming immense hardships and achieving a bright future through education. Their passion, patience and mentorship change lives in a profoundly positive way. The future of Zimbabwe lies in the hands of these selfless educators and the students they inspire.

A Focus on Holistic Growth: Academics, Arts, and Athletics

Salvation Army Primary School Bindura
A Place Where Dreams Come True: Inside the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura 5

The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura focuses on developing students holistically through academics, arts, and athletics.


The school provides a balanced curriculum, emphasizing core subjects like reading, writing, math, and science. Teachers give individual attention and encouragement to help each student reach their full potential. Small class sizes mean students get the support they need to do their best.

The Arts

Students can tap into their creative side through art, music, drama, and dance classes. The school choir and traditional dance group are popular extracurricular activities. Students gain confidence by performing in school events and community functions. For many children, these programs unlock hidden talents and open up new opportunities.


Physical education and sports teach students the importance of health, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The school competes in local soccer, netball, and athletics competitions. Students can choose from activities like football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, and track and field. The school also hosts an annual Sports Day where students participate in fun games and races.

By nurturing students’ growth in mind, body, and spirit, the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura helps shape well-rounded individuals ready to achieve their dreams. Students graduate with a lifelong love of learning and the skills to become leaders in their community.

Instilling Values: Faith, Service, and Community

The Salvation Army Primary School in Bindura aims to shape students into responsible, moral citizens through emphasizing core values.


As a Christian organization, the Salvation Army teaches students Biblical principles and nurtures their spiritual growth. Students attend chapel services and Bible lessons to strengthen their faith in God and learn moral values from Christian teachings.


Students are encouraged to serve others through acts of goodwill and volunteering. They participate in outreach programs assisting vulnerable members of the community like visiting orphanages, hospitals and the elderly. These opportunities to serve instill a sense of purpose and compassion for others.


The school promotes a spirit of togetherness, cooperation and mutual support. Students of all backgrounds are welcomed and respected. They learn to appreciate diversity and build positive relationships with people from different tribes, races and socioeconomic classes.

Sports teams, clubs and school events also foster friendship and bonding between students. The caring teachers act as role models, treating students with kindness, empathy and respect. This nurtures a welcoming atmosphere where students feel a strong sense of belonging.

In these ways, the Salvation Army Primary School works to cultivate not just intelligent students, but responsible, high-character individuals devoted to enriching the lives of others. By balancing faith, service and community, it provides the ideal environment for young dreams to take shape.

The School’s Impact: Generations of Students Finding Success

The Salvation Army Primary School Bindura has been shaping young lives for generations. Since opening its doors in 1978, thousands of students have passed through its classrooms and gone on to achieve great success.

A Lifeline for the Community

Salvation Army Primary School Bindura
A Place Where Dreams Come True: Inside the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura 6

For many families in Bindura, the Salvation Army school provides children their only opportunity to receive an education. Primary school education in Zimbabwe is not free, and the school’s low-cost or free tuition means that even the poorest children have a chance to learn foundational skills that will benefit them for life.

Launching Careers

The school has produced accountants, teachers, nurses, and other professionals who have gone on to give back to the Bindura community. Some students have even gone on to attend university, an opportunity that would not have been possible without the foundation provided by the Salvation Army school.

Instilling Values

Beyond teaching academic subjects, the school aims to shape students into responsible, principled citizens grounded in Christian values. Students learn compassion, integrity and the importance of serving others. These values remain with students long after they graduate, influencing future generations.

A Vision for the Future

Despite facing many challenges over the years, including limited funding and resources, the school continues to provide Bindura children the opportunity for education and a better future. The school’s mission is as important today as when its doors first opened over 40 years ago. With continued community support, the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura will keep shaping students and uplifting the community for generations to come.


And there you have it, a glimpse inside the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura. Through the dedication and passion of their teachers and staff, they are transforming lives each and every day. What may seem like small acts of kindness to us are life-changing for these children. A hot meal, a nurturing learning environment, the opportunity to simply be a kid – these are the building blocks of hope that the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura is providing to their students.

Though their resources are limited, their ambition and heart are boundless. They envision a world where each child is given a chance to learn, grow, and dream. A place where the light of opportunity is illuminated for all who walk through their doors. If their story has inspired you, consider supporting their important work. Even small donations can go a long way in helping them continue to shape young lives and empower the next generation of leaders in Zimbabwe. After all, the future remains unwritten, and with the Salvation Army Primary School Bindura guiding the way, the possibilities for these children seem endless.

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