Tips for Snagging UConn Student Tickets

UConn Student Tickets: So you want to snag some tickets to catch the Huskies in action, huh? As any dedicated UConn fan knows, student tickets are the hottest commodity on campus. Nothing beats cheering on your school surrounded by thousands of your peers.

The energy is electric. If you’re a new student, you’re probably wondering how the ticket lottery system works and how you can land a pair of tickets to the big games. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

After a few seasons of entering the ticket lottery and attending nearly every home football and basketball game, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks to increase your chances. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to scoring student tickets for the upcoming season. Get ready to experience what Husky madness is all about.

How to Get UConn Student Tickets

UConn Student Tickets
Tips for Snagging UConn Student Tickets 4

To score student tickets to UConn basketball and football games, you need to be on top of your game. Student tickets are first come, first served, so the early bird gets the best seats in Gampel or at The Rent.

1. Know the schedule

Check for the full schedule of home games as soon as it’s released, usually in late summer. Mark your calendar for any must-see matchups against rivals like Syracuse or up-and-coming teams. Having the schedule handy will allow you to plan ahead and hit “refresh” right when tickets go on sale.

2. Create an account in advance

If you’re a new student, set up your free UConn student account on at least a week before tickets go on sale. You’ll need to enter some personal info and your student ID number. This allows you to save payment info for a speedy checkout and ensures you’re ready to pounce before tickets sell out.

3. Log on early

Most student tickets go on sale a week before each home game. But for big games, start stalking the site up to 30 minutes early. As soon as tickets go live, grab the best available seats for you and however many friends you want to bring along. Have your student account, payment info, and friends’ student IDs ready for a fast transaction before the good seats vanish.

With some advance planning and quick clicking skills, you’ll be cheering on the Huskies from prime seats in no time. Let’s go UConn!

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When Do UConn Student Tickets Go on Sale?

So you want to catch some UConn basketball or hockey this season, but aren’t sure how to score student tickets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

When Do UConn Student Tickets Go on Sale?

UConn Student Tickets
Tips for Snagging UConn Student Tickets 5

Student tickets for basketball and hockey games typically go on sale a few days before each home game. The exact on-sale date and time will be announced on the official UConn Athletics website and social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow them to get the latest info.

Once tickets go on sale, they sell fast – we’re talking usually within 30 minutes. So you’ll want to hop on Ticketmaster right away to buy your tickets. Have your student account info ready to go to make the process quick and smooth.

Some tips to help you snag tickets:

  1. Check the on-sale announcement for the specific date and time. Mark it on your calendar and set an alarm.
  2. Get on Ticketmaster a few minutes before the on-sale time. Refresh the page right at the announced sale start time.
  3. Choose your tickets and proceed to checkout as fast as possible. Entering payment info quickly is key.
  4. If tickets sell out quickly, don’t worry – more student tickets are often released in the days leading up to the game. Check back frequently for newly released tickets.

With some patience and persistence, you’ll be cheering on the Huskies from the student section in no time. Enjoy the game and go UConn!

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UConn Student Ticket Policies and Restrictions

As a UConn student, you’ll want to take advantage of all the Husky perks, including scoring tickets to football, basketball, and hockey games. However, there are a few policies and restrictions you should be aware of to make the ticket-buying process as smooth as possible.

To get into any UConn sporting event, you’ll need to bring your student ID. Your ID will be scanned to verify your student status and allow you entry. Don’t forget it, or you won’t be admitted!

For basketball and hockey, students can start reserving tickets 2-3 days before each home game. Football tickets can be reserved up to a week in advance. Reserve your tickets on and pick them up at the Student Union ticket office. Only a limited number of student tickets are available for each game though, so reserve yours early.

Most student tickets are general admission, meaning you can sit almost anywhere in the student section. However, for select “premium” games against big rivals, student tickets will have an assigned seat. Don’t try to sit anywhere else, or you may be asked to move.

Students only get one ticket per ID for most games. The only exceptions are for Hockey and select Baseball games where students can reserve two tickets per ID. Tickets are non-transferable though, so only you and your plus-one can use them.

Students should enter through designated student entrances at each venue. Your ID will be scanned to verify your ticket and allow you entry. Students cannot enter through any other gate, so make sure you know which entrance is specifically for students beforehand.

By following these policies and restrictions, you’ll be cheering on the Huskies in no time. Enjoy the games and go Huskies!

Tips for Getting the Best Student Seats

Scoring UConn student tickets is competitive, but with some insider tips you can increase your chances of getting great seats.

Buy tickets as soon as they go on sale

UConn student tickets go on sale a week before each home game. Mark your calendar and buy tickets right when they release at midnight to get the best selection. The earlier you buy, the more options you’ll have to choose from.

Aim for lower level seating

If your goal is being close to the action, target sections LL, MM or NN which are on the lower level, near the court. While upper level seats have their perks like seeing plays develop, lower level puts you just feet away from the players and coaches. You’ll be able to see their expressions and interactions up close.

Consider a mini plan

Mini ticket plans, like the “Fan Favorite” 5-game plan, give you access to some of the biggest matchups of the season. They go on sale before individual games, so you’ll have first dibs at prime seats. The per-game price is usually lower than buying single game tickets too. If you know you want to go to multiple must-see games, a mini plan is a smart choice.

Buy with friends

Team up with some friends or classmates to increase your chances of getting good seats. Have each person log on right at midnight to search for available seats in your preferred sections. Whoever finds the best options first can purchase tickets for the whole group. Buying in bulk also allows you to get adjacent seats so you can enjoy the experience together.

Be flexible for the best deals

If your schedule allows, consider going to some weeknight or Sunday games. Ticket demand is often lower for these, so you may be able to score front row or near court seats for a fraction of the price of a Saturday marquee matchup. Watch for promo deals and discounts on UConn’s social media too for the biggest savings.

With some planning and patience, you can become a regular at UConn home games cheering on the Huskies from prime seats. Try out these tips and you’ll be on your way to a successful student ticket buying season. Go Huskies!

Cheering on the Huskies: Best Games for Student Tickets

UConn Student Tickets
Tips for Snagging UConn Student Tickets 6

As a UConn student, you have access to tickets for some of the biggest matchups of the season. Here are some of the must-see games you’ll want to snag student tickets for:

Football: UConn vs. Syracuse

This classic Big East rivalry is always a thriller. Get to Rentschler Field early, claim your spot in the student section, and get ready to cheer on the Huskies against the Orange. The energy in the stadium for this game is unreal.

Men’s Basketball: UConn vs. Georgetown

UConn and Georgetown have faced off in some epic Big East basketball battles over the years. Gampel Pavilion will be rocking for this matchup against the Hoyas. Come ready to be loud and proud in support of the Huskies.

Women’s Basketball: UConn vs. Notre Dame

The UConn vs. Notre Dame women’s basketball rivalry has blossomed into one of the best in college sports. These teams have competed for national titles, and a win in this game could give the Huskies momentum heading into the postseason. Get your tickets early for this thriller at Gampel Pavilion.

Hockey: UConn vs. Quinnipiac

The “Battle of Connecticut” is always a physical, fast-paced matchup between the Huskies and Bobcats. Whether at Freitas Ice Forum or Webster Bank Arena, the student sections for this game come ready to loudly support their team. The rivalry between UConn and Quinnipiac has intensified as the teams compete for the best in the state.

As a UConn student, taking advantage of the opportunity to attend some of these high-energy matchups and being part of the crowd in support of your fellow Huskies is an experience you won’t forget. Claim your spot in the student section, bring your friends, and get ready to cheer on the Huskies!


Many students have questions about getting tickets to UConn games. Here are some of the FAQs and tips to help you snag tickets to cheer on the Huskies.

When do student tickets go on sale?

Student tickets are available at the UConn Ticket Office and online starting 2 weeks before each home game. The earlier you get your tickets, the better the seat selection. Don’t wait until game day!

How much do student tickets cost?

Student tickets are deeply discounted and start at just $15. The specific price depends on the sport and opponent. Football and men’s basketball tickets are typically a bit more, around $20-$30. Women’s basketball, ice hockey and soccer are usually on the lower end of the range.

Can I buy student guest tickets?

Yes, students can purchase up to 2 guest tickets for most games. Guest tickets are the same price as student tickets. Your guest(s) must enter the game with you and sit in the seats assigned to your student ticket.

What’s the best way to get tickets for big games?

For high-demand games like men’s basketball vs. top opponents, tickets often sell out quickly. Your best bets:

  • Line up early at the Ticket Office. They release a limited number of tickets for walk-up sales 2 hours before the office opens.
  • Check frequently for tickets released on the day of the game. More tickets are sometimes made available as the game approaches.
  • See if the opponent has any tickets set aside for visiting fans. They may release extras to UConn students as well.
  • Don’t buy from scalpers, as those tickets are often overpriced or fake.

Following these tips will increase your chances of experiencing the excitement of big games and making memories that will last long after your time at UConn. Go Huskies!


So there you have it, a few helpful tips to increase your chances of getting those coveted UConn student tickets. Put in the effort to get to Gampel Pavilion early, bring your student ID, and try to buddy up with some friends so you can divide and conquer. While luck certainly plays a role, preparation and persistence can pay off.

Don’t get discouraged if you strike out at first. Keep at it and stay positive – your hard work will pay off eventually. The energy of the student section is unparalleled, so do whatever you can to make it in. Once you’re there cheering on the Huskies with your fellow students, the hassle of getting the tickets will seem worth it. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime and go Huskies!

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